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Red Tent Initiative

Red Tent Initiative is a network of survivors and allies working to end abuse and exploitation, particularly in the forms of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. We take a holistic approach, advocating for victims, supporting one another and empowering survivors to speak out, pushing against the shame and stigmas that weigh us down. In this way, we encourage victims to become survivors and survivors to become leaders in the movement to affect change in our community.

Meet the Board

Alison Foley-Rothrock


“As a survivor, I had a deep need to use my painful experiences in a positive way. Many of the people I admire are themselves survivors and their stories gave me hope. I started Red Tent Initiative to sow those seeds of hope in our community and inspire change.”

Vanessa Orasky


“As an attorney for people who are often on the fringes of our society, Alison saw a hole in society’s safety net and significant barriers to care. Red Tent Initiative’s goal of creating a single site source for victim services is a noble and important mission. I am honored to help build such an important service.”

Alexis Brown


“I am a part of Red Tent Initiative because of the work I’ve done with domestic violence survivors in the dependency system. As a social worker, I found that many people are uneducated about domestic violence. I want to help raise awareness about what domestic violence can look like in the community and renew hope for our survivors. Many of the people I’ve worked with felt that they had no choice but to stay with their abuser because they didn’t feel heard or because their abuser didn’t fit the criteria of what they had seen portrayed in the media. By educating the community, we can potentially help someone before it’s too late.”

Kathy Secrist Dobson


Alyssia Keys

Alyssia Beckner, M.A.

Board Member

“Becoming a member of the Red Tent Initiative has meant a great deal to me because, as a survivor, I understand how extremely difficult and lonely dealing with and recovering from domestic violence can be. The services provided by this organization continue to make the journey from victim to survivor easier for so many people and I am honored to be a part of it and to be able to serve our community.”

Heather Norby

Board Member

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