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Red Tent Initiative

Red Tent Initiative is a network of survivors and allies working to end abuse and exploitation, particularly in the forms of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. We take a holistic approach, advocating for victims, supporting one another and empowering survivors to speak out, pushing against the shame and stigmas that weigh us down. In this way, we encourage victims to become survivors and survivors to become leaders in the movement to affect change in our community.

Meet the Board

Alison Foley-Rothrock


“As a survivor, I had a deep need to use my painful experiences in a positive way. Many of the people I admire are themselves survivors and their stories gave me hope. I started Red Tent Initiative to sow those seeds of hope in our community and inspire change.”

Amber Grubb


“Being naturally drawn to people who desire to make the world a better place, I’ve known from the moment I met Alison Foley-Rothrock that I want to be a part of whatever she is doing. As a performance arts director and artivist, I work with Red Tent Initiative to help survivors tell their stories and allies promote awareness in efforts to abolish domestic violence and human exploitation.”

Cindy Layner


“I have dear friends and family who have suffered from violence and abuse. They, along with all victims, deserve to be heard and helped. I’m honored to work with Red Tent Initiative to advocate for, support, and empower victims in our community to become survivors.”

Vanessa Orasky


“As an attorney for people who are often on the fringes of our society, Alison saw a hole in society’s safety net and significant barriers to care. Red Tent Initiative’s goal of creating a single site source for victim services is a noble and important mission. I am honored to help build such an important service.”

Alison Crane

Board Member

“Red Tent Initiative allows me to work with compassionate, caring people giving back to our community. I’m thankful that this organization promotes awareness and gives a platform for survivors to share their story and heal with like minded individuals.”

Ileah Green

Board Member

Ileah’s mission is supporting, advocating for, and building community with marginalized peoples. As a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, she has an empathetic understanding for survivors’ needs and struggles. Ileah is excited to serve the Red Tent Initiative and its survivor network with her expertise in women’s support groups, leadership development, training, and grant development.

Morgan Macey

Board Member

“Red Tent Initiative is unique because it provides survivors with both a support network and a platform to process trauma and promote healing via self-expression. Moreover, the organization is radically inclusive, empowering survivors and advocates from diverse backgrounds to become leaders in the movement to end abuse and exploitation. I became a member of the Red Tent Initiative for three reasons: (1) to raise awareness of abuse and exploitation on a local scale, (2) to raise awareness of the mental health crisis on a national scale, (3) to raise awareness of gender inequality on a global scale.”

Cathleen Nelson

Board Member

“I was so glad to hear about the work that Red Tent Initiative is doing for local survivors of domestic abuse and sex trafficking in Central Florida. The advocacy, assistance in navigating support networks and programs, and financial support they provide fill significant holes in the system that prevent victims from gaining independence from their oppressors. But what attracted me to RTI in the first place was the annual Collaborative, which serves an equally important purpose of giving survivors a platform to tell their stories while increasing community awareness. It was so clear to me at the first Collaborative I attended, that the act of telling is so powerful. When we tell our stories, we control a narrative that once was out of our control. And we control how the story ends. That experience, for both the participants and the audience, is priceless.”

Colleen Vann

Board Member

“I was moved to participate in RTI because of the domestic abuse I witnessed my mother endure when I was a child.  Also, in my years as a firefighter have seen far too many people left injured and afraid in the wake of an act of domestic violence.  It is important for communities to have a way for victims to find safety and support quickly and I am thankful to be able to be a part of just such an organization.”

Tisa Newcombe

Board Member

“I joined RTI because there is not a single woman I know who has not suffered some form of abuse. The resources do not exist here for them to get out of dangerous situations and receive the counseling and support they need to break the cycle of abuse. I want to be part of the solution instead of remaining an angry bystander.”

Larissa Ensign

Board Member

“Early on in my studies, I had the fortune to come across a Swedish quote that sums up my reasons for continued advocacy for those who have survived tremendous difficulties that says, “Shared joy is double joy; Shared sorrow is half sorrow.”  It has been my honor to walk the journey with literally thousands of children who were making their path to healing in a variety of systems including juvenile justice, foster care, or children services.  Their stories have inspired me to build a collective experience of coping, caring and rising strong out of the ashes of tremendous difficulty in life.  Red Tent’s involvement in the community, sharing the realities of the voice quieted in secret and opening doors for healing to those who may have sealed their fate in shame is a necessary healing in our world and I’m honored to serve.”

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